About OSNS Strategy Navigators System

The S Application and Scope


The Strategy Navigator Author

Cindy Hsu  Taipei


 From 4 Levels each Abilities to Cooperation


 D1 Scope for Each Level

L4 Level at Operation & Application

L3 Level at Functional & Management

L2 Level at Organization & Investment

L1 Level at National and Society


 D2 Scope for Each Level

L4 Level at Basic Capability 

L3 Level at Specialization

L2 Level at Creation

L1 Level at Integration  


D3 Scope for Each Level

L4 Level at Team Synergy  

L3 Level at Spirit Value

L2 Level at Creation

L1 Level at Enjoyment


 D4 Scope for Each Level

L4 Level at Organization Policy

L3 Level at Working Methods

L2 Level at Communications

L1 Level at Organization Intelligence   


Definition for problems list





The Organism Strategy Navigators System (OSNS) Created by Cindy Hsu 







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